A style of learning for every student.

Greenwood School specializes in the education of students experiencing difficulty with focus, dyslexia, working memory deficit, short-term memory deficits  executive function, ADD/ADHD and other learning difficulties. Our students enjoy a learning environment that’s enriching, not intimidating.

In addition to basic academic studies for students with learning differences, Greenwood School offers a well-rounded array of enrichment programs, including:

  • Mixed Media Art
  • Band, Chorus and Ballroom Dancing
  • Physical education
  • Technology
  • Spanish

Our middle school and high school curriculum is developed with the Florida Standards and Florida Council of Independent Schools requirements as guidelines.

All graduating seniors at Greenwood School earn a standard high school diploma, and two-thirds of Greenwood’s Graduates continue on to a higher-learning institution.

Greenwood School students learn grade-level content, the key difference is in how those lessons are taught. Greenwood School uses multi-sensory techniques; including hands-on, auditory and visual approaches, to enhance the academic experiences of students with learning differences. By shaping our teaching techniques to the learning styles of middle school and high school students with dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, short-term memory deficits and other learning difficulties, we can ensure that Greenwood School students receive the education they need in a way that makes sense for each student.

Through a solid core curriculum, an understanding of learning differences, and attention to personal growth, Greenwood School provides the tools and knowledge necessary for developing skills for a lifetime.


  • Is smarter than his or her grades reflect
  • Has difficulty with organization and time management
  • Cannot keep up with the written workload
  • Needs a parent to spend 2 to 3 hours each night helping with homework
  • May forget to turn in homework or loses classroom assignments
  • Exhibits behavior that is conducive to a positive learning environment

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