The Greenwood School’s mission is to provide a challenging and supportive education to middle and high school students with learning differences. Through adaptive multisensory instruction in a positive, safe and secure environment, students develop the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve their highest potential in the classroom and beyond.

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Greenwood School was established in 1985 by educators and parents seeking a solution for students who had “fallen through the cracks” of traditional education programs. Since then, Greenwood has served students challenged by developmental delays, Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), auditory and visual processing delays, dyslexia, specific learning disabilities (SLD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), in addition to various other learning differences.

In 1999, after 17 years of leasing space in neighborhood church buildings, the Greenwood School Board of Trustees launched a $5.5 million capital campaign to purchase land and construct a school. Chaired by David Stein, who donated the 14 acres of land, the campaign generated the funding to support the construction of a new school and build an endowment for scholarship support.

Greenwood serves students that have generally not found success in traditional classroom settings. Our approach to education focuses on meeting the academic, social, emotional and physical needs of each student. The comprehensive curriculum is designed to develop ultimate proficiency in the core subject areas as well as art, music, computer literacy, self-reliance, physical education, social and environmental responsibility, and outdoor skills and experience. This is all done with the understanding that students get the most out of an education that challenges them to achieve within a safe and encouraging environment.


Board of Trustees

Shelley DeVault


Louise Morrow
Vice Chair
Deidra Johnson


Jennifer Plotkin


Dr. Judith Poppell

Past Chair

Wayne Waters


Gary Mayes


Ann Von Thron


Michael Wise


Hannah Kay


Christopher Brownlee


David A. Stein

Honorary Lifetime Trustee Member

Faculty & Staff

Jackie Herman
Head of School
Ryan Furguiele
Dean of Students
Kate Fraser

Advancement Director

Bernice Green

IT Director

Shannon Boyette
Business Manager
Melanie Blair
Office Manager
Beth Mason
Guidance Counselor
Kwesian Brown
Music Teacher
Lindsey Brunkala
Registrar and ASL Teacher
Nkenge Burnett

High School Social Sciences Teacher

Brian Childers

High School / Middle School Enrichment Teacher

Alison Crabtree

Middle School English Language Arts

Kenna Dieffenwierth

High School Science Teacher

Christina Driscoll

Middle School Science Teacher

Savannah Dobbs

Middle School Math and Geography Teacher

Annette Ellis

Administrative Assistant

Shelby Ellis

Admissions Associate and Enrichment Teacher

Lisa Fair

Middle School English Language Arts

Melanie Frank

Middle School Social Sciences Teacher and Middle School Department Head

Lexia Garay
High School English
Melanie Hall

High School Math Teacher

Diane Krug

Environmental Specialist

Chris Little

High School Sciences

Kaz McCue
Art Teacher
Barbara Murray

High School English/Language Arts

Stefanie Raines

PE Coach

Zach Rivera

Performing Arts teacher

Rebecca Rodriguez

High School Spanish and High School Department HEAD

Amy Scheffer
High School Social Studies
Leslie Serrano

Mental Health Counselor

Stephanie Snell
Middle School English Teacher
Leslie Surowiec
STEAM/Robotics Teacher
Alyssa Wegznek

High School English Teacher

Felecia Wimbish

High School Enrichment Teacher

Coach Al Wray
PE Teacher
Mr. Al Wray

High School Math Teacher

Jenn Yates

Middle and High School Math Teacher


“Ever since we enrolled at Greenwood School, I have noticed a significant positive change in my son. I see him laughing again, smiling, happy, striving toward his personal goals, and accomplishing them with a renewed sense of determination and courage. I'm so glad I found you!”


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