After you’ve applied and once all items have been received, the Admissions team will meet to review all information.

Upon review, and the decision to continue the process, we will contact you to schedule a student visit (“shadow day”), which will be followed by an interview with the parent(s)/guardian(s).


During the shadow day, your student will be paired with a current student in their grade; they will attend classes and are encouraged to participate as much as they are comfortable doing so.

Faculty members will complete a simple observation/evaluation of the visiting student at the end of the shadow day.

Their observations of the student’s strengths and needs, to answer any questions the family may have about becoming a Greenwood student, and to provide a more robust understanding of the prospective student. Again, we believe your student is more than just details on paper!


Finally, if an Enrollment Contract is offered, you will be provided with appropriate enrollment paperwork and financial documents to complete the process of becoming a Greenwood School Family!

If requested, Greenwood School will provide information electronically to parents. Our Admissions Associate will follow up to see if there are additional questions and schedule a tour. Upon completion of the tour we will provide an application for you to complete, and we will request the following documentation for evaluation:

  • Psycho-educational evaluations (if available)
  • Current report card (we understand grades don’t define the student)
  • Current IEP or 504 Plan (if applicable)

For more information, please e-mail

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Tuition and
Financial Assistance

Although Greenwood School is the best fit for many students’ unique learning needs, we also understand that finances may be a concern for families. Many of our families receive financial assistance from multiple sources.

Greenwood School accepts funding through state scholarship programs such as the Family Empowerment Scholarship for Students with Unique Abilities (EMA), Hope Scholarship, Florida Tax Credit Scholarship and Family Empowerment Scholarship for eligible students. Please follow the links to view these program requirements, or call us for more information.

Greenwood School partners with multiple private foundations who offer financial assistance to families for students with specific learning differences.

For more information about financial assistance please contact us by email or call us directly at (904) 726-5000.

A parentally placed private school student with a disability does not have an individual right to receive some or all of the special education and related services that the student would receive if enrolled in a public school under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) as amended.

2024-2025 Tuition & Fees

Tuition Deposit (applied toward tuition)
$500 Due with return of enrollment contract

Tuition (all grades)
Tuition: $15,600* Paid through Veracross account payment plan

*10% discount each additional student from same family

Morning Homework Help No Additional Fees

Textbooks No additional fees. Provided by School.

Extracurricular Activities & Sports Teams Participation No additional fees, but some clubs may have an additional fee

Most clubs are included in tuition. Any additional fees will be communicated before joining.

Technology Fee (annual)
$150 Due by September 1st

$25 Due per instance
$15 Due per instance

$300 per quarter Due each quarter if student is attending homework help

Varies—purchase new at RC Uniforms (Beach Blvd) and/or purchase used through the School PTO

*Greenwood School is an approved participant in the Family Empowerment Scholarship for Students with Unique Abilities (EMA) (formerly Gardiner & McKay), Florida Tax Credit, Family Empowerment, and Hope Scholarship programs.

"Greenwood School is unique in that they recognize all students are special, embrace the whole student and encourage/support each of their needs without judgement but with sincere interest. They also create an environment in which students feel comfortable to be themselves by promoting a positive social and emotional culture. We believe because Greenwood provides this overall positive and encouraging environment, our child has been able to thrive through increased confidence and support to achieve his goals."


Greenwood School is an approved recipient of the Family Empowerment Scholarship for Students with Unique Abilities (EMA) (formerly Gardiner & McKay), Florida Tax Credit, Family Empowerment, and Hope Scholarship programs.

Families are responsible for applying and managing this scholarship. Any questions regarding amounts, applications, or logins need to be directed to the scholarships office.