At Greenwood School we recognize that no two students are the same and neither are their learning strengths or needs. We focus on building positive relationships to understand students as individuals and to identify their strengths. We use multisensory, research-driven instructional techniques, assessment methods, supportive and assistive technology, and integration of social-emotional learning strategies. We work together to cultivate a safe learning environment in which our students thrive!
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At Greenwood School, we emphasize education of the whole student; we care about more than test scores and letter grades. Whatever their struggles, we would love to talk to you about how Greenwood could meet your student’s needs.

Middle School enrollments are available at any point before or during the academic year--so if a move is in your student’s best interest, please don’t hesitate to contact us so that we may help you determine whether Greenwood is a good fit.

In High School, we prefer to enroll by semester so that we may ensure that instructional hours requirements are met for the student to earn course credits toward graduation.

Application Process

Request More Information

By clicking on the Request More Information button, Greenwood Schools will provide information electronically to parents. Our Admissions Director will follow up to see if there are additional questions and schedule a tour. Upon completion of the tour we will request the following documentation for evaluation:

  • psycho-educational evaluations (if available)
  • current report card (we understand grades don’t define the student)
  • current IEP or 504 Plan (if applicable)

We understand that some of these items, like grades, etc. do not define your student. We use these as a starting point to understand the unique needs specific to your student. The whole process typically takes approximately one week.

Once all items have been received, the Admissions team will meet to review all information.
Upon review, and the decision to continue the process, we will send you an application by email for completion.
Complete the application and return it to our school with the $100 application fee and we will schedule the parent interview.
This interview is very important. This is your opportunity to tell us the important details about your student we will not find in the reports. Again, we believe your student is more than details on paper and we want to understand the personal needs of each student.
This next step is important for your student. We will schedule a shadow/visit day where the student will spend a day at Greenwood School, shadowing someone in their current grade. During this day, they will attend classes and are encouraged to participate if they feel comfortable.
Greenwood Teachers will complete an observation checklist of your student in the classroom.
Finally, after careful consideration, our Admissions Director will contact you with a decision. If applicable, a contract will be offered at this point.

Tuition and Financial Assistance

Although Greenwood School is the best fit for many students’ unique learning needs, we also understand that finances may be a concern for families. Many of our families receive financial assistance from multiple sources:

  • Greenwood School accepts funding through state scholarship programs such as the McKay Scholarship and Gardiner Scholarship for eligible students. Please follow the links to view these program requirements, or call us for more information.
  • Greenwood School partners with multiple private foundations who offer financial assistance to families for students with specific learning differences.
  • Greenwood also offers financial assistance through the School based on a family’s need. You may request Greenwood Scholarship information and an application during the admissions process, or each year with your contract renewal.

For more information about financial assistance please contact us by email or call us directly at (904) 726-5000.