Our Mission

"The Greenwood School’s Mission is to provide a challenging and supportive education to middle and high school students with learning differences. Through adaptive, multisensory instruction and a positive environment, students develop the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve their highest potential in the classroom and beyond."

Thank you for believing in us

Thank you so much for believing in us even when we felt like giving up. You always spread positivity!


Forever grateful

…pushed me to keep creating and learning…I will be forever grateful.

Alumna 2019

Most talented individuals

I’m thankful to work with the most talented and supportive individuals!

A wonderful environment

Greenwood has the most kind and caring staff which lend to a wonderful environment to learn and grow.

Most kind and wonderful staff

The most kind and wonderful staff, working with the whole student! A school like that is hard to find.

Greenwood is like no other

The quality and caliber of people at Greenwood is like no other. It is not often you find a place that invests in the whole being.

Made for my children

I feel like the School was made for my children!

Best possible environment

Best possible social and educational environment for my children.

We are so happy

We are so happy he has found a place where he can think and learn in a warm and accepting atmosphere!

Thankful for Greenwood

So thankful for Greenwood and its great leadership!

School with a Big Heart

This is a school with a big heart and it shows in their faculty and staff every day.

My Team

I feel like my teachers are on my team and they understand me.


Greenwood School has transformed our family’s lives by transforming our child.

I Love Greenwood

I love Greenwood and am very grateful for the School, teaching styles, and atmosphere. I wouldn’t want my child to be anywhere else.

Made for my children

Ultimately, I feel like the School was made for my children.

Safe environment

Nurturing and safe environment designed for our children with learning differences.

Well-trained, happy teachers

Well-trained, happy teachers. Rigorous, yet flexible curriculum. Hands-on, caring staff.


I love the compassion for the students as individuals!


A Greenwood School Student:

  • Often struggles to connect with academic material
  • Often has difficulty with personal organization and/or time management skills
  • May have difficulty maintaining the pace and/or written workload of classes
  • Exhibits behavior that is conducive to a positive learning environment
  • May struggle with social confidence
  • Has goals and dreams that they may have been told elsewhere were not possible
An insightful video written and created by the students in Ms. Ellis' Spring 2020 High School Drama class, this ePerformance is a series of monologues in which each student addresses their past self and talks about the future at Greenwood School.

Greenwood School Best Practices and Philosophy

  • Relationship-focused approach
  • Strengths-based instruction
  • Challenging curriculum with appropriate supports and accommodations
  • Physically and emotionally safe campus and classroom environment
  • Highly qualified, certified, caring faculty and staff