Middle School Curriculum

Greenwood School for Middle School Students

Greenwood School is proud to offer a specialized learning environment for middle school students with difficulty with focus, dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, reading disabilities, working memory deficit, and executive function among other challenges.

Our middle school curriculum is developed in accordance with the Florida Standards and Florida Council of Independent Schools requirements. Students learn grade-level material, the difference is in the way that material is taught. Greenwood School uses multi-sensory techniques; including hands-on, auditory and visual approaches, to enhance the academic experiences of students with learning differences.

Greenwood School’s core middle school curriculum is enhanced with extracurricular activities, including National Junior Honor Society, sports programs, Band, Student Council, Zoology Club, Chess Club, Fencing Club, Archery, Cheerleading, S.T.E.A.M. Club, Lego Club and more.

Teaching techniques are modified to fit each student’s style of learning. For example, middle school children with dyslexia or reading difficulties might learn better through hands-on methods. Other methods of learning, including visual and auditory approaches, might better serve students with working memory deficit or another learning difficulty. Greenwood’s instructors are trained and proficient in matching teaching styles to each student’s specific learning difficulty.

Above all, middle school students at Greenwood learn in an environment that’s supportive, welcoming, and conducive to positive interaction with classmates, teachers and the world that surrounds them.


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