Learning Differences

Understanding students who learn differently.

At many schools in Jacksonville—and across the country—students who struggle with different aspects of learning or a learning difficulty may be mislabeled or misunderstood. At Greenwood School, we understand that many bright students simply learn differently—and that no one style of teaching suits all.

Since we opened our doors in 1985, we have dedicated our efforts to appreciating, supporting and educating students experiencing difficulty with focus, dyslexia, long term memory deficit, working memory deficit, ADHD, executive function and students with a learning difficulty that may be hindering their education.

Unique to other schools in Jacksonville, we subscribe to a style of teaching that embraces each student’s individual learning style. Students with dyslexia, for example, learn through hands-on and auditory exercises, while those with working memory deficit might benefit from performing actions instead of listening to lectures. By implementing a variety of teaching styles, Greenwood School strives to ensure that each of our students learns and achieves grade level standards. An average of 12 students per class allows all student at Greenwood to learn in a challenging environment that is supportive and welcoming.

If you have a child with a learning difficulty, we encourage you to explore different learning and teaching possibilities.

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