High School


The foundation of Greenwood School programs is our specialized instruction, which includes the expert use of research-proven practices beneficial to all students, but especially to students with specific learning differences. Class sizes average 12 students per teacher; we provide strategies, supports, and accommodations to create learning opportunities that effectively address the individual needs of students and enable them to experience success with a challenging, college-preparatory curriculum.

In short, our curriculum and classroom practices are designed to provide the most appropriate balance of challenge and support for all students, whether they typically experience difficulty and struggles academically or have not been challenged enough in the past!

Approximately two-thirds of Greenwood’s graduates continue on to colleges, universities, trade and technical schools, and/or career-path apprenticeship training. With proper supports, our students perform at or above grade-level work; in fact, many outperform their peers across the nation, as evidenced by annual ACT ASPIRE score profiles.

Students are not only supported academically to achieve the rigorous curriculum standards, but they are also fully supported in social-emotional learning experiences. Greenwood faculty and staff incorporate explicit social skills instruction, social behavior modeling, scenario-based analysis of social interactions and larger societal issues. Our full-time School Counselor provides individual support whenever needed.

The result is a well-rounded graduate with as many future opportunities open as possible!

Greenwood also provides high school students with many of the positive aspects of a traditional high school experience: National Honor Society, social events, homecoming, prom, athletics, clubs, student government, and community impact volunteer opportunities.