High School Curriculum

Greenwood School for High School Students

Greenwood School is proud to offer a specialized learning environment for high school students experiencing difficulty with focus, dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, executive function, learning disabilities, working memory deficit and short-term memory deficit, among other challenges.

Unlike other private high schools, Jacksonville based Greenwood School uses multi-sensory techniques—including hands-on, auditory and visual approaches—to enhance the academic experiences of students with learning differences.

As one of Duval County’s most specialized private high schools, Greenwood School accepts the McKay and Gardiner Scholarships for students with learning differences. These include short-term memory deficit, ADHD, auditory and visual processing delays, among others. Visit the Financial Assistance page for more information about these scholarships.

In addition to core subjects, Greenwood students benefit from interscholastic athletics, Student Council, National Honor Society, Zoology Club, Chess Club, Fencing Club, Archery, Cheerleading, Band, Technology Club,  and other extracurricular activities. All graduating seniors at Greenwood School earn a standard high school diploma, and two-thirds of Greenwood’s Graduates continue on to a higher-learning institution. Some of the colleges and universities attended by Greenwood Alumni include: Jacksonville University, University of North Florida, Lynn University, Beacon College, Florida State University, University of Indianapolis, Savannah College of Art and Design, Florida State College at Jacksonville, St. John’s River Community College/ Florida School of the Arts.

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