Ways to Get Involved - Scholarship Fund

Here are some ways you can help to provide an exceptional student with the exceptional opportunity to learn at Greenwood. Thank you so very much for your support of these amazing families!
Please join us by clicking the “Donate” button below!

One student’s application fees: $25.00
One student’s registration costs:  $50.00
One student’s enrollment deposit: $250.00
After-school Homework Help for one student, one semester: $400.00
After-school Homework Help for one student, full year: $800.00
Tuition for one student for one quarter: $3,500.00
Tuition for one student for one year: $14,000.00


In addition to the partnerships represented here on our website (, we are grateful to the following supporters for their recent investments in the success of our students:

  • Thanks to the generosity of our families, friends, Board, staff, alumni, and business partners, our 2019-2020 campaign raised over $25,000 and will enable us to upgrade and add important safety features to our campus. Thank you all!
  • $30,000 grant awarded by the Lucy B. Gooding Foundation in November 2019 to support funding for Guidance Program expansion, guidance-based enrichment courses and one-to-one student guidance meetings each semester. They have been faithful partners and contributors for many years, directly responsible for the successful transition of our Greenwood graduates into their chosen colleges and careers.
  • $213,000 grant awarded by the J. Wayne and Dolores Barr Weaver Family Foundation at The Community Foundation for Northeast Florida in February 2019 to purchase and install SmartBoard technology in every classroom, purchase Chromebook computers for 1-to-1 student use, and create computer coding and programming courses, completed summer 2019. The generosity of Mr. & Mrs. Weaver not only enabled us to enhance students’ classroom experiences through integration of SmartBoards and Chromebooks, but we were also able to make a smooth and rapid transition to an effective online learning program in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • $187,000 grant awarded by the J. Wayne and Dolores Barr Weaver Family Foundation at The Community Foundation for Northeast Florida in February 2019 to fence the wetlands property and complete the trail systems for research and environmental education—construction pending 2020!
  • Support and partnership through donated portions of game ticket sales during the 2019-2020 season of the Jacksonville Icemen of the East Coast Hockey League.
  • $157,000 in additional unrestricted grants awarded in calendar year 2019 to support operational efficiency and to train and retain faculty & staff while maintaining affordable tuition costs.

Thank you to our long-time partners: Mrs. Mary Virginia Terry, The Getz Foundation, The Kirbo Charitable Foundation, The Donald C. McGraw Foundation, Hyman Family Foundation, Scheidel Foundation, Edelman Family Advised Fund, The DuBow Foundation, Mr. Bruce Bower, The Robert D. Davis Family Advised Fund, Gary & Nancy Chartrand Advised Fund, The Walton Family Foundation, The Edna Sproull Williams Foundation, Dwyer Family Foundation, and Uible Family Foundation for their consistent support to the work and families of Greenwood School!