New Looks, New Features, Higher Quality–Same Greenwood Mission!

It has been an incredibly busy summer here at Greenwood School! We miss our students and faculty and hope that everyone is taking the opportunity to enjoy some vacation, perhaps some travel, certainly some relaxation (and summer reading, Greenwood students!). We are eager to see everyone back to school in August, but in the meantime I’d like to update you on some of the key enhancements to Greenwood School that are taking place and that will be implemented throughout the 2019-2020 school year.

1. Campus – Facility Sustainability and Beautification
Summer maintenance, repairs, preventative actions, and beautification have been a top priority so far this summer. As our beautiful campus nears the age of 20 years, we must ensure that it remains operationally/mechanically safe, efficient, and welcoming. Actions that have been accomplished this month or scheduled for July include:

–Replacement of flooring throughout the front desk reception area, conference room, and administrative offices. You will notice a much more “open” look to the administrative areas, in addition to the installation of much more durable and attractive vinyl flooring. Our wonderful Parent-Teacher Organization has graciously approved funding for new seating as well, which will be purchased in July.
–Painting of all interior spaces. Our primary maintenance contractor—Veterans’ Elite Services—has done an incredible job of beautifying the hallways, offices, and classrooms with soft and warm colors, making the entire building more comfortable and welcoming for our students, faculty, and families!
–Replacement of all campus lighting with high-efficiency LED; this is not only a significant savings in our electricity consumption, but also our first big step toward “Green Campus” status! No more high-temperature, buzzing flourescents.
–Re-surfacing and sealing of the entire roof; adds 10 – 12 years of life to the roof, eliminates energy losses and a few minor leaks that we were previously experiencing.
–Coming in July: installation of centralized digital controls for our HVAC systems. Another energy-saver and less mechanical stress to the rooftop AC units by cycling them less often. Nice, consistently comfortable temperatures throughout the building.

2. Classroom Experience

–Thanks to the generous funding provided by the Weaver Family Foundation grant awarded in February, we have purchased Chromebook computers for each student to use throughout their class day, and we have just placed the order to procure and install SmartBoards in every classroom. Students will benefit from our new “Blended Learning” approach, in which technology enhances the curriculum, but does not overtake and dominate the curriculum.
–The other half of the Weaver grant will be funding the fencing our wetlands property and completion of a 1-kilometer trail system to enhance the research our students have already been doing, in addition to responsibly protecting the land. We are working through the permitting paperwork and approvals to modify our existing Conservation Easement, and anticipate a late fall construction.

3. Guidance and Communication

–Parents and Guardians will have access to our brand-new Parent Portals, in which student grades, faculty comments, school announcements, class assignments, etc. will be available. We remain committed to improving the effectiveness and timeliness of all communication with our families!
–Students will be taking Guidance-focused courses specific to their grade level (see Guidance Program button under “Current Families Resources,” “Information” tab on the website), in addition to 1-to-1 meetings to help them explore and prepare for post-graduation options and decisions.

4. Still Committed to Mission!

“The mission of Greenwood School is to provide specialized college- and career-preparatory curriculum to middle and high school students with learning differences or difficulties.”
Greenwood enrollment is experiencing unprecedented growth, and we have limited enrollment by grade level in order to ensure our maximum average class size remains at 12 students or less. 9th and 10th grades are currently full, and we anticipate 8th grade filling within the next two weeks as well.
A vital part to fulfilling our mission and providing each student with instruction and assessment focused upon their individual strengths and needs is maintaining our small class sizes.

As always, questions and suggestions are welcome! Many of the enhancements we have made or have planned are in direct response to your feedback throughout the year and on the annual end-of-year surveys; thank you for your continued partnership in the success of Greenwood School!

Very Respectfully.
Dr. Anthony Mortimer
Head of School

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