August 28- Accountability and Responsibility, the Greenwood Way

Accountability and Responsibility, the Greenwood Way

2018 is an important year for Greenwood School—every five years, we are evaluated by the Florida Council of Independent Schools on our performance and compliance with standards in 18 different categories, and a successful evaluation results in renewal of the School’s accreditation status. Our staff has been quite busy the past couple months preparing for our evaluation by gathering paperwork, analyzing student data, ensuring that program descriptions accurately describe the activities at Greenwood, and detailing what we have done over the past five years to accomplish previous strategic goals; but that work has actually been rather enjoyable.

During the process of self-reflection and evaluation of our progress as a School, we’ve been reminded of the great privilege we have to be involved in the education and growth of the amazing young people at Greenwood; we have also been reminded that with that privilege comes responsibility to guide them with our very best! Accountability and Responsibility matter—these are character principles we strive to help our students to master as matters of habit.

Part of that endeavor is our own commitment to being accountable to our stakeholders—FCIS, our families, our partner organizations and generous donors, our students, and our colleagues each day here at Greenwood—and demonstrating both personal and professional responsibility in our daily practice. What does that accountability look like? There are several things that you, a stakeholder in the educational programs of Greenwood School, can rely upon from us:

  • Transparency: We not only welcome questions, but we are enthusiastic about explaining why we do things the way we do, and we need your consistent feedback to help us convert the accountability we offer into improvement whenever we have the opportunity.
  • Diligence: We will consistently seek to improve our level of knowledge, instructional skills, and program efficiency by connecting faculty and staff to current research and training that we can apply in our educational programs.
  • Professional Responsibility: Mistakes happen—the Greenwood difference is that if we make a mistake, we take the responsibility to correct it, learn from it, and to prevent future occurrences, just as we teach our students to do.
  • Partnership: Everything we do at Greenwood is in direct support of our mission statement, and every action is taken in the best interests of our students. We care about far more than just academic performance—so the lines of communication are always open to deepen our understanding of what each student’s strengths and needs may be.

In the near future, as we make final preparations for our accreditation review in October, I’ll be communicating to you the Vision for Greenwood’s future—we are grateful for the opportunity to partner with our families and students and excited to share with you the direction that we are going to be heading together!

                                                            Dr. Anthony D. Mortimer

                                                Head of School