Thoughts On New Beginnings

August 7, 2018

Dear Greenwood Family,

I want to take a moment to welcome all of you to what I am confident will be a wonderful and productive year at Greenwood School! I am both honored and humbled by the opportunity to lead such an amazing team of educators, students, and families in this 34th year of providing the very best learning environment.

Our faculty have been quite active this summer in partnership with Vanderbilt University’s IRIS Professional Development Program, which has included collaborative studies of research-proven instructional practices, academic design, and social-emotional learning specifically designed for Exceptional Students—as always, we remain committed to providing an ideal balance of support and challenge to enable each and every student to be their very best.

From time to time on this site, we will communicate to you and share with you information and news on a variety of topics, from classroom activities and accomplishments to exciting new research and opportunities to be engaged with your students’ educational experience. We place great value in your partnership with Greenwood School, and I am respectfully requesting from each and every one of you that you continue to provide me with feedback—as a faculty and staff, we strive to always be looking at ways that we can improve upon any and all aspects of life at Greenwood.

Next week, I will share with you the specific goals we have set for the next three years, as defined in the School’s Continuous Improvement Plan. I am optimistic that we will have a positive and productive dialogue as we continue to partner together to sustain Greenwood’s successful history. For now, I’d like to leave you with the “Five Cs” that I shared in Orientation sessions yesterday and Friday—these are key to making 2018-19 an overall Team win!

  1. Communication  Everyone be positive, responsive, and unafraid to ask questions.
  2. Consistency  Expectations must be clear and we all must follow through.
  3. Connection   Use the Team to support you, and provide support to others.
  4. Challenge       Push ourselves to expand our limits and overcome our fears.
  5. Community   Be ambassadors of the Greenwood Way to those around us.

Thank you again for choosing Greenwood School—I am very excited about a new year of learning and growing together!


 Dr. Anthony D. Mortimer

 Head of School