Study Tips for Exams

how to prepare for examsGreenwood School exams begin on Monday May 16 and run through Tuesday May 24. Below are some tips to help you to do your best and ace that test.  Remember that doing a good job on exams will ensure a successful conclusion to the 2015-2016 school year.  


What You Need To Know

Find out whatever you can about the type of exam being given. For example, is it multiple choice, short answer, essay question or some combination of all three?  Knowing this will direct how to best study for specific exams. Now is also the time to clarify what material the exam will cover. Don’t waste time studying things that are not being tested.  Finally, don’t wait until the day before the exam to ask these important questions.  


Schedule Study Time

Start now and do a little of each subject every day.  That way you won’t find yourself cramming the night before the exam. The most effective study strategy is to learn chunks of information piece by piece.  Do this each day and you will have an easier time remembering the material.


Carve Out Your Study Space Zone

Create a designated study space that’s comfortable.  Remove any distractions especially social media (a major time waster). Beeps and alerts  will only divert your attention from the task at hand. When your are in your study space zone make that time count!


Stay Healthy

Look after your health and your exam prep will go smoother. Nobody can work on an empty stomach or when they’re dead tired. Keep your study sessions productive by drinking lots of water, eating healthy snacks and getting a good nights sleep. Avoid excess caffeine such as coke, coffee and energy drinks which will only give you the jitters.  


Stay Calm

If you find yourself getting overwhelmed or stressed lay down and practice deep breathing for a few minutes until the calm returns. Keep boredom at bay by taking short breaks that include some physical activity such as a short brisk walk or even 10 jumping jacks.


Reward Yourself

Most study experts would suggest rewarding yourself after all that hard work. In this case there’s no need for a specific reward as the long summer vacation is just days away, and what could be better than that?