Greenwood Open House

greenwood-mobilePlease spread the word about Greenwood School’s Open House Wednesday, January 27th  from 1:00 pm till 6:00 pm.  This is a wonderful opportunity for students and faculty to showcase the  Greenwood School  mission and how effectively it is carried out.  


Classrooms are open and visitors will be able to observe multisensory learning in real time. After dismissal,  Open House  continues with the spotlight on extracurricular activities.  Sports teams along with clubs such as chess, music and zoology will be hosting  student show and tells about their special  interests and upcoming events.    


Greenwood Open House is a wonderful event that serves as a major recruiting tool.  Additionally, it provides students with a real world opportunity to practice interpersonal and communication skills. Please support Greenwood School and attend our Open House –  and feel free to bring your friends and neighbors!


Greenwood School Open House

Wednesday,  January 27, 2016

1:00 pm – 6:00 pm.