Greenwood School’s PTO

PTOGreenwood School has an active PTO and we encourage parents to join. The next meeting is on November 10, 2015 at 8:30 am in the conference room. Affordable membership dues ($20 for families) directly support school programs, class resources and educational events. The PTO also raises funds through the gently used school uniform sale as well as concession stand sales during athletic functions.

In addition to fundraising, the PTO supports the school through volunteer efforts that include managing daily lunch delivery and assisting with annual events such as the upcoming Grandparents Day (November 24, 2015).

Joining the PTO provides many opportunities to share your time and talent, but if you can not possibly sign up for one more activity consider supporting the PTO through donations. Solicitations for donations of specific items are announced in the Greenwood newsletter and are always appreciated.

In short, a good reason to join the PTO is that it helps your school but the best reason to join the PTO is that it benefits your kids. The national PTO website notes that “ kids do better [in school] when parents are involved. Grades are higher. Test scores improve. Attendance increases.” And if that’s not enough to convince you to join the PTO, consider that getting involved is the best way to know what’s happening at your kid’s school. By supporting the PTO, you are supporting the school, the teachers, and all the kids that attend Greenwood including the most important kid of all – your kid!