October is ADHD Awareness Month




October 1-31 is officially ADHD awareness month.  The theme for 2015 is the “Many Faces of ADHD” which,  according to the ADHD Awareness fact sheet, “was chosen to reflect current research on the breadth and scale of this brain based disorder.” The  ADHD official website lists the following  top 5 reasons to support ADHD Awareness Month.  To download the ADHD fact sheet as well as other ADHD resources visit http://www.adhdawarenessmonth.org/  

Top 5 Reasons to Support ADHD Awareness Month October 1 – 31, 2015

5: You will stand out as a leader to those seeking professional help for attention deficit.

4: Take advantage of the boost in attention for your business/practice generated by the ADHD Awareness Coalition initiatives in national media outlets.

3: Let the ADHD Awareness Coalition know about your activities, so they will be featured on www.adhdawarenessmonth.org.

2: Your patients/clients will thank you for supporting them!

NUMBER 1 REASON FOR SUPPORTING ADHD AWARENESS MONTH: Changing misconceptions about ADHD has the potential to improve the lives of millions of people.