One Day At A Time With ADHD

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“One Day at a Time: 100 Tips for Raising Happy Healthy ADHD Kids,”  from ADDitude Online Magazine, is a subscription based service whereby subscribers receive one tip a day relating to the challenges of raising ADHD kids. One Day at a Time gives beneficial insights and advice on a variety of  topics and issues for parents challenged with raising kids with ADHD.  Some examples include:

#Tip 94: Give your child a chance to answer again, consequence free when you suspect he’s telling a lie.

#Tip 75:  Don’t fight with picky eaters- use vitamins and healthy snacks.

#Tip 60:  The more your child exercises during the day the better they will sleep at night.

Each tip highlights an issue or behavior then recommends a strategy to resolve or at least deal with it effectively.  Additionally, each tip is linked to an in depth article with more information related to that specific issue. To take advantage of this great resource simply subscribe to One Day at a Time and each day a new tip will be  delivered to your inbox. The One Day at a Time approach provides an opportunity to take an idea and really put it into practice.

While a few of the tips may not be relevant, most of the tips are general and can be customized for  specific situations. Incidentally,  these useful bits of wisdom are not only effective with ADHD kids but with any kids- perhaps even grown up ones.  To subscribe to One Day at a Time:  100 Tips for Raising Happy Healthy ADHD Kids click here or follow #100adhdtips on Twitter.

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