Finally, A Smart Way To Find An App For My Smart Device!


No one can deny the conveniences that smart technology brings. Smart phone, tablet, laptop, reader,  whatever you have it’s great,  a real time saver!  That is until you get sucked into the black hole of the app store and spend countless hours looking at the millions of choices. This doesn’t even count the time downloading and opening the app to see what it can do for you.  Instead of scrolling endlessly through the lists of apps from the Play Store or the Apple Store check out APP CRAWLR: The APP Discovery Engine, an excellent search engine for apps!  

App Crawlr allows you to search more precisely for apps that do specific things.   App Crawlr has traditional search features such as limiting results to free apps only or to operating  systems such as iOS or Android.   But what’s  really  great is that App Crawlr provides  handy checklists for limiting results to apps that specialize in certain things.  For example, if you run an app search for “homework help” you can customize that search to include apps that help you stay on track, help keep you organized, or help to test knowledge. Change the search keyword phrase to “study app” and the choices might include apps that feature study questions, reviews, or reference tools.   App features can be selected and deselected simply by checking or unchecking the boxes. Changing your search terms will provide additional results as well different options.  In addition, App Crawlr will sort the results by total downloads, what’s trending, most popular or lesser known apps.  Selections  can be modified as needed to help find the app to best suit your needs.  

I did a sample search using the keyword phrase “homework help” and got 81 results.  I narrowed down that list by  by checking off only apps that are free, available on android, and had flashcard features. My final results included 10 apps that also featured memory aids, information chunked in manageable bits, and a daily reminders.   Given the choice would you rather make a selection from a short list of apps that have everything you need or would you rather wade through a list of 81 apps that may or may not be what you need?  The next time you are looking for that perfect app save some time and check out  App Crawlr at

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