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The End is Near But Not Yet Here: How to Finish the School Year Strong

Springtime is like no other time of year.  The warm weather and seemingly longer days beckon us outdoors  and the temptation to slack off on school work may be overwhelming with the end of the school year finally in sight.  If you detect spring fever in your student keep in mind that, for them, finishing the school year strong is vital.  A strong finish will make them a better student overall as well as instill the important life lesson that following through on goal accomplishment brings its own rewards.


Here are a few suggestions that you can do to alleviate spring fever and help students stay encouraged and energized through the end of the school year.

  1. Continue to help them stay organized with school and home life as this will help them to deal with  seasonal distractions and keep them focused.
  2. Support healthy eating and sleeping habits to ensure that they have the energy and stamina to follow through to the end.   
  3. Encourage them to stay engaged with school work as well as school activities in a balanced way.  
  4. Tell them how proud you are of them for all the hard work they did to get to this point and remind them that the end is near but not yet here!   
  5. Reinforce the importance of not quitting before the job is finished – as it may lead to regrets later.   

Keep your motivational intentions cheerful but consistent. Your goal is to help your student keep their school performance on par with the work they did during the rest of the year. Remember, a well deserved summer break is just around the corner.  Help your student stay focused and engaged and soon you both can look back with a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction!

Getting Up and Running With Greenwood Google Account for Parents

google apps

Greenwood provides all parents with a Greenwood Google Account so that they may access their student’s progress report 24/7 in a private and secure online setting. Additionally, the Greenwood Google Account is a convenient way to communicate with your student’s teachers.

It is simple to use Greenwood Google but first time users may want some instruction for setting up and accessing accounts. If so please call 726-5000 and ask for Mrs. Thomas or email Mrs. Thomas to arrange for a personal tutorial- it can be done in person or over the phone, usually in 15 minutes or less.

If you want to give it a go

Sign into the Greenwood Domain at
Click the sign-in button on the upper right hand side of the screen
Enter username and password
Click on the App Menu  (it looks like a square made up of 9 tiny black squares)
Select Mail- this will open your mailbox
Select Drive from the App Menu this will open the Drive App. In Drive look on the left side for the “Shared with Me” option. Click on that and look for a document titled with your student’s “name” and “Progress Report”. This is your student’s progress report.

All of your student’s teachers will update this progress report in real time so we recommend that parents check it at least every other day. In order to maintain a private and secure environment all users must be logged into Greenwood Google Accounts to access student progress report. If you have any questions about accessing Greenwood Google Accounts please email Mrs. Thomas

Tips for Parenting Children Living with ADHD

adhdA recent article from the NAMI Website, Parenting Children Living with ADHD: Tips for Parents, offers ways to deal with some of the challenges kids with ADHD have from experiencing difficulty with peer relationships to not listening or following through with instructions. A summary of the article’s recommendations for supporting children living with ADHD follows.


  • Maintain a positive attitude. Focus on your child’s successes and victories in overcoming ADHD and less on the challenges or obstacles of the condition.


  • Create and maintain structure. Children living with ADHD are more likely to succeed when they have a regular schedule of tasks each day.


  • Communicate rules and expectations. Children living with ADHD do well with clear and simple rules and expectations that they can easily understand and follow. Write down any rules and expectations and post them in a place where your child can easily read them. Explain the consequences when rules are broken and praise your child when they are obeyed.


  • Encourage movement and sleep. Children who live with ADHD have energy to burn. Organized sports and other physical activities can help them increase their self-esteem and unleash their energy in healthy and productive ways.


  • Focus on social skills. Children living with ADHD often have difficulty with peer relationships and making friends. They may have trouble with reading social cues, talking too much, interrupting frequently or coming off as inappropriately aggressive. Model social skills for your child, hire a life coach or work with your child’s therapist to address this important issue.


  • Work with your child’s school. Openly communicate with your child’s teacher and other school personnel about their observations of your child in the classroom and your child’s behavior at home.

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