Faculty and Staff

Staffed for our students’ success.

linkedin Jackie Herman, Head of School

linkedin Ryan Furguiele, Dean of Students

linkedin Kate Fraser,  Advancement Director

linkedin Bernice Green, IT Director

linkedin Shannon Boyette, Business Manager

linkedin Melanie Blair, Office Manager

linkedin Beth Mason, Guidance Counselor

linkedin Kwesian Brown, Music Teacher

linkedin Lindsey Brunkala, ASL Teacher and Registrar

linkedin Nkenge Burnett, High School Social Sciences Teacher

linkedin Brian Childers, High School / Middle School Enrichment Teacher

linkedin Kenna Dieffenwierth, High School Science Teacher

linkedin Savannah Dobbs, Middle School Math and Geography Teacher

linkedin Christina Driscoll, Middle School Science Teacher

linkedin Annette Ellis, Administrative Assistant

linkedin Shelby Ellis,  Admissions Associate and Enrichment Teacher

linkedin Lisa Fair, Middle School English Language Arts

linkedin Melanie Frank, Middle School Social Sciences teacher and Middle School Department Head

linkedin Lexia Garay, High School English

linkedin Melanie Hall, High School Math Teacher

linkedin Diane Krug, Enivornmental Specialist

linkedin Chris Little, High School Sciences

linkedin Kaz McCue, Art Teacher

linkedin Barbara Murray,  High School English/Language Arts

linkedin Stefanie Raines,  PE Coach

linkedin Zach Rivera, Performing Arts teacher

linkedin Rebecca Rodriguez, High School Spanish and High School Department Head

linkedin Leslie Serrano, Mental Health Counselor

linkedin Amy Scheffer,  High School Social Studies

linkedin Stephanie Snell, Middle School English Teacher

linkedin Thelma Straight, Middle School English Language Arts

linkedin Leslie Surowiec, Middle School Science and Robotics Teacher

linkedin Alyssa Wegznek, High School English Teacher

linkedin Felecia Wimbish, High School Enrichment Teacher

linkedin Coach Al Wray, PE Coach

linkedin Mr. Al Wray, High School Math Teacher

linkedin Jenn Yates, Middle and High School Math Teacher


The Greenwood School staff is specially trained to support our goal of educating students who need special attention for learning differences. Also, our faculty has years of experience working with children. We strive to provide an challenging environment that is supportive and welcoming.