Faculty and Staff

Staffed for our students’ success.
The Greenwood School staff is specially trained to support our goal of educating students who need special attention for learning differences. Also, our faculty has years of experience working with children. We strive to provide an challenging environment that is supportive and welcoming.

linkedin Dr. Anthony Mortimer, Head of School

linkedin Shelly Gilliard, Associate Head of School

linkedin Brandie Padlo, Dean of Students

linkedin Kate Fraser, Admissions & Advancement Director

linkedin Steven West, Business Manager

linkedin Dee Bartle, Office Manager/Executive Assistant

linkedin Julie Blair, Marketing & Events Director

linkedin Holly Bartle, Teacher, Middle School Department Head

linkedin Donna Beck-Erickson, Teacher

linkedin Heidi Brombosz, Teacher

linkedin Zoe Campbell, Teacher

linkedin Jessie Davies, Teacher

linkedin Shelby Ellis, Teacher

linkedin Melanie Frank, Teacher

linkedin Dominador Guillermo, Teacher

linkedin Melanie Hall, Teacher

linkedin Renae Johnston, Teacher

linkedin Deborah Kruchko, Teacher

linkedin Diane Krug, Director of Environmental Education & Teacher

linkedin Chris Little, Teacher

linkedin Barbara Murray, Teacher

linkedin Jenny Parrish, Teacher

linkedin Rebecca Rodriguez, Teacher, High School Department Head

linkedin Stephanie Snell, Teacher

linkedin Thelma Straight, Teacher

linkedin Michele Stoumbelis, Guidance Counselor

linkedin Mark Tanner, Director of Performing Arts

linkedin Mitzi Thomas, Librarian & Media Specialist

linkedin Jennifer Yates, Teacher

linkedin Carl Allen, Teacher Assistant

linkedin Mavis Barnes, Administrative Assistant

linkedin Barbara Fiore, Administrative Assistant

linkedin Edward Emanuel, Maintenance Supervisor