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How Teachers Spend Their Summer Vacation 

The end of the 2017-2018 school year is here.  While students are off enjoying their summer long vacation teachers also get a vacation but it’s probably more accurately characterized as a working vacation. One important thing that teachers do over the summer is to reflect on the past school year. Teachers think about what worked what didn’t work and what needs modification.  Teachers ponder how to best help students learn effectively or, how to be the best teacher they can be.

Topics such as new developments in multi sensory learning, teaching strategies, curriculum content, and classroom management are just some of the  themes that teachers may be mulling over the summer months. The single most important result of these summer reflections is that teachers get re-inspired to get back to school relaxed, refreshed and ready to assist a new class of students with their learning.  We hope you have a relaxing summer and return in August refreshed and ready to learn as well.

The End is Near But Not Yet Here: How to Finish the School Year Strong

end is near

Springtime is like no other time of year.  The warm weather and seemingly longer days beckon us outdoors  and the temptation to slack off on school work may be overwhelming with the end of the school year finally in sight.  If you detect a bit of this particular strain of spring fever in your student  keep in mind that, for them, finishing the school year strong is vital.

A strong finish will make them a better student overall as well as instill the important life lesson that achieving goals  brings a special kind of  satisfaction.

Here are a few suggestions that you can do to alleviate spring fever and help students stay encouraged and energized through the end of the school year.

  1. Continue to help them stay organized.
  2. Support healthy eating and sleeping habits to maintain their energy and stamina.  
  3. Encourage them to stay engaged with school work as well as school activities in a balanced way. 
  4.  Tell them how proud you are of them for all the hard work they did to get to this point. 
  5. Reinforce the importance of not quitting before the job is finished – as it may lead to regrets later.   

Keep your motivational intentions cheerful but consistent. Your goal is to help your student keep their school performance on par with the work they did during the rest of the year. Remember, a well deserved summer break is just around the corner.  Help your student stay focused and engaged and soon you both can  look back with a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction!


Winter Break in Jacksonville

ChristmasHanukkah_LogoWith exams nearly finished and winter break just around the corner it’s time to get out and have some family fun.  Here are  some family friendly ideas to fill the school free days ahead from Jax4kids.  

The best part about the Jax4kids site?  It’s organized by date so there’s no need to sort through pages of suggestions only to realize that you have already missed a specific event. The activities run the gamut from nightly synchronized light shows to Holly Jolly Trolley tours to photo ops with Santa.   

So go ahead treat your family to some seasonal fun.  Visit Jax4kids for a complete list of dates and times for all winter break activities in the Jacksonville area.

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