Welcome to Greenwood School

A Jacksonville school for children with different learning styles.

Since 1985, children with reading difficulties, memory deficits, and other learning differences have found success at Greenwood School. Here, we believe there’s no such thing as a child who can’t learn—just children who have different learning styles.

All graduating seniors at Greenwood School earn a standard high school diploma, and two-thirds of Greenwood’s graduates continue on to an institution of higher learning.

Unlike other Jacksonville schools, Greenwood School tailors its curriculum to the learning differences of its students. Children with reading difficulties, for example, learn more by doing or listening. Greenwood School serves middle school and high school students.

A Greenwood School Student:
  • * Is smarter than his or her grades reflect
  • * Has difficulty with organization and time management
  • * Cannot keep up with the written workload
  • * Needs a parent to spend 2 to 3 hours each night helping with homework
  • * May forget to turn in homework or loses classroom assignments
  • * Exhibits behavior that is conducive to a positive learning environment

Greenwood School is the premier private school for bright middle school and high school students who have different learning styles.

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