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Find your style. Hit your stride.

Children with dyslexia, reading difficulties, memory deficit, ADD/ADHD, or any other learning difficulty may learn better through different ways of processing information, including auditory, visual and hands-on techniques.

Unlike other schools in Jacksonville, Greenwood School adapts lessons and teaching techniques to each student’s strengths. The first step to successfully learning is discovering your (or your child’s) learning style.

For example, children with dyslexia may find success with auditory learning. Students who need ADHD help may benefit from hands-on activities. And those with another learning difficulty may do best with visual learning techniques.

See what sets different learning styles apart. To find yours, answer the questions below.

When I’m giving directions, I usually:

  1. Draw a map
  2. Tell the person how to get there
  3. Take the person myself and show them the way

When I’m not sure how to spell a word, I:

  1. Try to see it in my head
  2. Sound the word out aloud
  3. Write down different ways of spelling the word

I most enjoy:

  1. Making or viewing photographs
  2. Reciting or writing poetry
  3. Working with my hands

I prefer a teacher who uses:

  1. Charts and diagrams
  2. Discussions and guest speakers
  3. Field trips and hands-on sessions

Mostly 1’s: Visual Learner: Images, pictures, colors and other media help you learn

Mostly 2’s: Auditory Learner: Word associations, lectures and music help you learn

Mostly 3’s: Kinesthetic Learner: Experiments, physical activities and demonstrations help you learn

Unlike most mainstream and many other private schools in Jacksonville, Greenwood School identifies different learning styles in children with dyslexia and those who need ADHD help.