Declutter Your Way to Organization!


clutter blog postKids with ADHD are often disorganized and consequently can take longer to get and stay focused on the task at hand. Whether the task is the morning routine of get out the door on time or getting all the materials needed to complete a homework assignment, disorganization is the bane of kids with ADHD – and clutter may be the culprit!

Clutter comes in all shapes and sizes and quickly overwhelms even the most dedicated tasker. One of the problems with clutter is that it’s distracting. For ADHD kids, distraction means that not only are they forced off task but there’s a good chance they won’t get back on task any time soon. Simplified, clutter = disorganization, banish clutter and organization is the result. An important step in banishing clutter is the purge.

Purging doesn’t mean that everything has to go but who really needs 30, or 20 or even 15 of anything? If you find that getting rid of stuff gives rise to mild panic try imagining someone else really NEEDING the item in question. Then promptly donate it charity.

Clean and organize the clothes closet, establish a place for school work, put the toys in order, and get everything off the floor. Basically, find a place for everything and put it there – repeat every day as necessary!

Decreasing the clutter that seems to fill every aspect of our environment won’t cure ADHD but it will make a huge difference in the ability of an ADHD kid to get and stay organized. For a complete list of the best kid-friendly clutter-control tips visit ATTitude Online

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